Blue Witch | Fantasy Portrait

Blue witch portrait photography

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As fun as this magical shoot was, part of me is hoping it’s my last shoot with the 50mm lens in the studio for a while.

I’m so excited to start shooting and experimenting with the 35mm I’ve got my eye on.

Let’s make the most magic with what we have, and carefully add new items to our bag of tricks and magic as we feel necessary and inspired.

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3 thoughts on “Blue Witch | Fantasy Portrait

  1. Beautiful photo! I’d love a shoot like this. I never got to play with my 50mm much because mobile photography became so easy that I stopped taking my camera around with me. Thanks for reminding me about my old friend.

    1. Thank you! Mobile photography is so wonderful, but it’s great to play with both! I always have to shoot low key with my lens because my iPod can’t at all handle any shadows, haha. I hope you find inspiration to do both~!

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