Separated but Integrated|Grunge Floral Portrait

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It’s been a year of growth and change, and as focus in the photography studio shifts and begins to focus more on boudoir portraits, I’m now wondering how separate or integrated I want to keep my businesses.

As photographers and models, we often keep our businesses or at least our portfolios separate.

Lovers of mountain landscapes aren’t necessarily expecting for fine boudoir portraits in the same portfolio and social media feed.

Someone looking to buy fantasy accessories isn’t always looking for NSFW prints.

There is a way to marry many things together, and as business owners and lovers of our craft, it’s important to find our niches.

And perhaps, when we have a couple competing niches, we should get more specific by finding a way to aesthetically marry them together.

What are your thoughts?

How have you built your photography businesses and niches so that you’re able to grow and change? Marry your many niches together?

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