Glamour Make-up | Sweet Angel Boudoir | Simple Portrait Essentials

This fantasy angel photoshoot came out gorgeous, and reminded me that portrait photography doesn’t have to be expensive or terribly elaborate to be amazing.

I know, we hear it all the time as photographers and artists, that we don’t need expensive equipment.

It’s True

All my recent portraits are self-portraits shot on an IPhone 6s, and edited with the Lightroom and Facetune apps.

My wigs are economical cosplay wigs, with mostly drugstore makeup. Gorgeous jewelry can be thrifted and blankets and rugs serve as great backdrops.

There are economical ring lights, but using floor lamps work wonders here, too.

Before I upgraded to my camera phone, I was shooting and editing on an iPod.

When I started portraits I got some kit lenses and kit camera bodies. I still have them, but recent times has brought me to camera phone photography as it’s an easier, more space conscious way to create portraits in the space I have.

So eight years or so after starting photography, I’ve finally learned and really understood that we don’t need much to make glamorous portraits.

Perhaps I’ll get back to my DSLR, umbrellas and lenses when I have the space, but for now, I’m more than happy with my camera phone and selfie stick.

Besides, money saved in equipment costs can instead be spent on independent designers and other artists I want to support🖤