Queen | Her Glow | Fantasy Boudoir

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We’re almost into the next series!

What are you hoping to see in the photo studio?  How can I inspire you?


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She Drew Her Sword | Fantasy Boudoir

erotic fantasy boudoir portrait of a queen drawing her sword

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Fantasy boudoir portrait in the studio, featuring black lace lingerie, gold bracers, and a thrifted dirk


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Fantasy Detail | Portrait Close-up

fantasy portrait photography
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Detail photograph of this gorgeous, partially thrifted fantasy costume! Such a huge fan of these gorgeous gold bracers!


Back into this White Queen fantasy shoot!
Still working through this photo set, a few more goodies to get to, both naughty and nice.

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Glow | Glamour

Glamour fitness self-portrait featuring glowing makeup and white hair

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Makeup: Maybelline, L’Oreal, Physicians Formula, Burt’s Bees, RMS Beauty
Bra: H&M



Fitness has become a focus these past few months, and with more developed muscles (and hopefully a bigger booty for boudoir photography) also comes improved grace when it comes to dance.

Dance, pole, hoop, and aerial silks are in the cards for future photoshoots, but in the meantime, how do us artists best stay fit?


What keeps you active, and how do you balance it with your full-time job and artwork?


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Queen | Glow

Erotic boudoir portrait of a Queen with her sword
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Bra: MaidenForm
Choker: Handmade


And so she caught fire….



We must all take the time to do what sets our souls alight, and ensure we get enough rest so that we don’t burn out..


What set’s your soul on fire?  Photography? Gorgeous costumes and lingerie? A good book?


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