Red Angel | White Lace

Boudoir portrait of a red-haired angel holding flowers
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After a photoshoot, hang onto all the photos, and go over the shoot again months later.  You’ll see them with fresh eyes, maybe see a new direction to take the images.

When something doesn’t align with the shoot’s theme, hang onto it for later, and reinterpret the theme.

Patience.  Sit.  Wait.


How long do you keep the original images from your photoshoots?  Do you find you see things with a new light?


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Nude | Sword

Nude fantasy boudoir portrait
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When the Queen invites you into the darkness, what will you reveal?  What light will shine in the darkness?

We are almost done with this photoset!  When we reach the end, this handmade choker will also be for sale if you’d like to help support the studio!


What are you looking forward to in the future?

How can we inspire you in the darkness?


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Nude | Queen’s Downward Gaze | Portrait

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When the Queen meets your gaze, will you take up arms and follow Her?


Fantasy boudoir photography is happening in the studio.

These sultry, erotic cosplays are almost finished for this set.  Soon we’ll be returning to moody blues.

What do you look forward to seeing from future photoshoots



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Queen | Purple Shadows | Fantasy Portrait

Fine art fantasy boudoir portait
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We all must step into the shadows and draw up our guard.
What battles are you fighting, and who will you call to your aid?


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Blessed Shadows will be expanding into jewelry, props, lingerie, and more!

What would you like so see and shop for in the boutique?


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