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Custom Boudoir Polaroids & Content

Join BlessedShadows on OnlyFans to request a custom Polaroid and other custom content!

♥️Custom Polaroids start at $25.99 each with a minimum $10 deposit (the deposit may increase if specialty props/couture are requested that I don’t already have in the studio wardrobe) and can be bundled to get a discount on a batch of customs! (Shipping will be calculated and charged extra)

♥️Custom Digital Content starts at $10 per digital photo sent via OnlyFans chat and may require a deposit based on props/wardrobe requested.

When requesting custom content, bear in mind that requests should fall under the type of content currently available:

  • Lingerie
  • Implied
  • Model next door
  • Fantasy boudoir

If you’re unsure if I do particular fetish photography/modeling, feel free to ask!