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  • New Set | School is in Session! | Boudoir Photoshoot | Fansly & AVN
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    School is back in session and I’m so excited to be starting my second year of college!

    Now it’s more important than ever to join me on the BlessedShadows Fansly & AVN (FREE to folllow!) and support my work so I can keep creating!


    Lots of new orders shipped out this week from the BlessedShadows Etsy shop, so Thank you for the continued support!

    I’m so excited to be back in school and working towards my degree in the STEM field.

    Are you in school this year? What are you pursuing?

  • Fantasy Portrait Photography | Forest Spirit

    This stunning set features a beautiful Yule inspired horned headdress.

    Pick out your favorite fantasy headdress from the BlessedShadows Etsy shop and make your next photoshoot extra special.

    What’s your favorite accessory for your fantasy photoshoots? What adds that’s extra touch of magic for you?

    I adore making horns and horned headdresses, so it’s easy to see what my favorite adornment for fantasy photography is!

    What’s yours?

  • Boudoir Shoot | Prints for Sale

    This sultry set is still dropping on my AVN Stars and Fansly on a daily basis!

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    This is my first boudoir photoshoot with a new piece of equipment, a ceiling bracket to attach my camera to a monopod for above shots!

    This was a great find and I can’t wait to create more.


    As much use as I’ve gotten from my selfie stick, it’ll be great to shoot self portraits almost hands free now!

    I also just sent out a huge print order!

    Thanks so much for visiting the BlessedShadows Etsy shop, and please don’t hesitate to email me and request prints to be added from your favorite shoots!

    I adore selling prints, so I’m always ready to hear what you’d love to see!