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  • Blue & Leather | Portrait Photography | Art and Rotating Hobbies

    Did you know that most of my works are created during a stage of artistic obsession?

    I have rotating interests, although rotating obsessions is probably more accurate.

    I tend to fall on an interest that I become completely infatuated with for a season.

    Sometimes it’s drawing, sometimes jewelry making, prop making, costume design, lingerie, and more.

    Most of the time, it’s photography

    I’m very blessed that my obsessive hobbies can feed into one another so well and can help my businesses.

    The important thing with hyperfixations is to pace yourself and your budget. Budget your time AND your space, and plan to keep your new tools.

    Don’t enroll in college for a degree in photography, don’t buy every lens and backdrop available all at once.

    Pace yourself.

    Pace yourself and see what you can do with the tools you’ve already collected.

    Can you model with the props you made during the last project? Can you make your own custom backdrops? Have you made jewelry you can shoot with?

    Although we can enjoy our obsessions and hobbies for the sake of enjoyment, see how they can build into eachother.

    How can they work together?

  • Velma Cosplay | Scooby Doo | Portrait Photography


    What cosplay should I do next?

  • Portrait Photography | Patience