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  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Photoshoot
    Sabrina Spellman Dark Baltism Cosplay photoshoot
    Sabrina Spellman Dark Baltism Cosplay photoshoot
    Sabrina Spellman Dark Baltism Cosplay photoshoot

    This cosplay of Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was such a great way to spend the afternoon!

    This wedding dress from the photography wardrobe was perfect for a Dark Baptism and was a great fit for a Sabrina Spellman cosplay

    This shoot was also the perfect time to shoot with the old Nikon DSLR and test out the studio’s new SD card reader, which transfers raw images from the DSLR right into my phone for editing!


    What photo shoots have you been dying to do lately? Any cosplays in the works?

  • Art is Hope
    Yearly portrait photography review

    This year was very difficult, and when life gets difficult, I always try to stay in tune with art.

    It gives me hope to make the world a better place. To inspire others to create. To patron other artists. To give back to and build community.

    What does your art do for you?

    How has your art helped you?

    It has been difficult to continue creating art and portraits throughout the year. But in a way, it’s never been more important for me to.

    Art gives me hope. So when I need hope, I create. I patron artists. I try to make the world more beautiful.

  • Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

    🎄♥️Hoping everyone had a safe holiday and new year♥️🎄

    What’s your favorite kind of party dress? I’m a sucker for a huge bow.

    敬祝圣诞。♥️ 你的受到偏爱的连衣裙是什么吗? 我爱个蝴蝶结。

    Makeup featuring Blaqe Cosmetics and Slayfire Cosmetics biodegradable glitter