Dark Fantasy Boudoir | Blue Witch

Fantasy boudoir portrait of a witch wearing black and blue, on a gray faux fur rug.
Fantasy boudoir portrait featuring a witchy model in dark makeup and blue slay fire cosmetics glitter.

Still one of my FAVORITE shoots!

This gorgeous lingerie and topless set was, as usual, a blast to shoot!


What are your favorite additions to your shoots and photo sets?

Do you love to explore with behind-the-scenes photography, dance, aesthetic, and more?

Let me know what your favorites are!

Blue Makeup | Boudoir Photoshoot | Close-ups

Boudoir photography close-up featuring stunning and bold blue makeup and hair
Boudoir portrait photography of a model with blue makeup and hair

Life has been getting busy as goals come closer and closer to success.

The Blessed Shadows studio is getting a bit of an overhaul to fit with new goals, and college and career are getting a fair bit of attention.

I’m looking forward to having more time to focus on my photography and art.


Let’s keep pushing our skills, know when to rest, and stay grateful for all we have.

One of a Kind NSFW Polaroids | BlessedShadows on Etsy

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Custom Boudoir Polaroids & Content

Join BlessedShadows on OnlyFans to request a custom Polaroid and other custom content!

♥️Custom Polaroids start at $25.99 each with a minimum $10 deposit (the deposit may increase if specialty props/couture are requested that I don’t already have in the studio wardrobe) and can be bundled to get a discount on a batch of customs! (Shipping will be calculated and charged extra)

♥️Custom Digital Content starts at $10 per digital photo sent via OnlyFans chat and may require a deposit based on props/wardrobe requested.

When requesting custom content, bear in mind that requests should fall under the type of content currently available:

  • Lingerie
  • Implied
  • Model next door
  • Fantasy boudoir

If you’re unsure if I do particular fetish photography/modeling, feel free to ask!