Cosplay Essentials : Silicone Muscle Suit | Geralt

Closet Cosplay of The Witcher

Fake Muscle Chestpiece

This closet-cosplay test of Geralt from The Witcher is still one of my favorite photoshoots!

This self-portrait is the first use of this Silicone Chest Suit that you can find through this affiliate link!

Cosplay test of Geralt from The Witcher

The link to this Silicone Chest Suit will give Yours Truly a small commission on applicable purchases!

Silicone Muscular Suit

This product has been one of my favorite purchases, despite not using it too terribly often!

Review so Far:


  • A bit warm to wear. Silicone definitely doesn’t breathe, so this item may be best suited for colder months or a temp-controlled studio
  • Hard to get in and out of. Wearing a lightweight undershirt goes a long way to make this easier (as well as a beanie to protect your hair). It takes a little practice, and you may feel like Ace Ventura in that scene with the rhino…
  • Beautiful matte skin. I was worried about the silicone being shiny, but it photographs beautifully!
  • Looks natural and realistic enough
  • Beware of seams and wrinkles. Seams can easily be covered by parts of the costume or edited out. Depending on the pose, double-check places like the shoulders and neck for odd foods/wrinkles.

All in all, I’m very glad I added this cosplay item to my studio wardrobe, and I look forward to putting it to good use during the cooler months!

Geralt the Witcher crossplay photography

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