Christmas Time : Portrait Photography

Holiday portrait featuring red hair and makeup

The Holidays are the Perfect Time for a Photoshoot

Happy Holidays, my loves!

It’s the holiday season, and it’s the perfect time for a photoshoot to show off beautiful costumes, scenery, and perhaps a custom photo book of boudoir portraits for a loved one.

Self-portrait Photography for a holiday photoshoot. Featuring red hair and makeup, and a beautiful Christmas dress and bouquet

What’s Your Favorite Kind of Holiday Photoshoot?

Do you love traditional holiday portraits?

Boudoir photography?

Mpix is my favorite print shop to get custom gifts and beautiful prints.

They’re not sponsoring this post, I just truly love this printer and trust them to bring my photoshoots to life!

Shop BlessedShadows on Etsy

In the BlessedShadows Etsy shop you can find handmade headpieces, OOAK jewelry, couture and more to bring your next photoshoot extra magic!

Shop handmade headpieces, accessories, jewelry, couture and more in the BlessedShadows Etsy shop. Bring extra magic to your next fantasy photoshoot.

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