How Boudoir & Self-Portrait Photography Have Improved My Life

Self portrait boudoir photoshoot featuring tattoos and a one-piece lingerie bodysuit
Boudoir self portrait photography featuring red lace lingerie

How Boudoir & Self-Portrait Photography has Improved My Life

Not only has becoming a self-portrait artist and boudoir photographer been so much fun over the last several years, it’s also boosted my life in other ways.

  • My Self-Confidence has Grown
    • Modeling for boudoir self-portraits has made me so much more confident and at home in my body over the years
    • I’ve learned what kinds of colors and style flatter my complexion and figure. This has saved me money and time when it comes to growing my wardrobe
  • My Sense of Community & Self-Acceptance has been Strengthened
    • Following & being inspired by photographers, models, burlesque performers, etc has made me feel part of a larger community. I feel at home being surrounded by others that celebrate the beauty & art that is being human
    • I’ve learned that sensuality & sexuality can be beautiful
  • I’ve Learned to See Myself as an Artist and a Work of Art
    • I see myself as a work of art, which I believe everyone is
    • As a photographer, I wanted to capture the beauty of femininity and create art featuring feminine characters. In being my own model for my photography, I get to embody and appreciate this in myself
    • Modeling for my own camera also means I can create portraits whenever I can/want without needing to seek out a photographer
  • My Technical & Artistic Skills Have Grown
    • Through my journey with boudoir and self-portrait photography, my skills in modeling, lighting, photography, makeup, styling and more have grown
    • By doing all these aspects myself, I’ve been inspired to research how to do these individual skills
Boudoir self-portrait featuring red lace lingerie, shot with backlighting in the Blessed Shadows photo studio

Although not definitive by any means, these are some of the ways that boudoir and self-portrait photography have improved my life!

Are you a boudoir model, photographer, and fellow self-portrait artist?

How have boudoir photography & self-portraits changed your life?

Here’s an ongoing list of Essential Tools & Equipment that I love having in the photo studio!

Favorite tools and photography equipment in the Blessed Shadows studio

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