Neewer Speedlite External Flash| Moody Self Portrait

Sensual fantasy self-portrtait photograph with red hair and blue eyes holding flowers.
Dark fine art, fantasy boudoir portrait of a winged angel in white lingerie from behind.

How I miss shooting with my Neewer Speedlite External Flashes!

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Neewer Flashguns (Speedlite)

I miss shooting with these external flashes so much!

When paired with umbrellas, these flashguns produce such beautiful lighting and shadows.

They do take up quite a bit of space, especially when used with umbrellas, but the results are worth it!

(Using these flashes with umbrellas was my go-to lighting setup for a while!)

Fantasy boudoir portrait of a Queen

I’m currently trying to get the photo studio a bit more organized to make some extra shooting space.

Here’s hoping to getting to use these Neewer Speedlite flashes soon!

What is your favorite lighting equipment?

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