Dark Fantasy Photography: Crying Gold

Moody fantasy self portrait photography featuring custom handmade jewelry by Nykira Nymph
Moody self portrait photo of a model in blue crying gold. Beautiful Custom jewelry made by Nykira Nymph
Beautiful jewelry by Nykira Nymph
Fashion is thrifted

This look is featured in the Crying Gold Makeup Tutorial on the BlessedShadows YouTube channel.

Crying Gold fantasy cosplay makeup tutorial on the Blessed Shadows YouTube channel

This is still one of my favorite dark fantasy portraits!

I love photographing dark, moody looks.

It’s a great opportunity to play with dramatic makeup and try new things.

I’m looking forward to playing around more with dark fantasy glamour!

It would be a great focus to try in the Blessed Shadows studio.

What’s your favorite theme to photograph?

Is there something you’d love to try?

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