Blue Witch | Fantasy Make-up and Boudoir Portraits

Sexy boudoir portrait of a genderqueer alt model with blue hair and a leather collar being pulled.
Censored boudoir portrait of a fantasy alt model with gorgeous glamour makeup and blue hair
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This fantasy photoshoot featured some amazing biodegradable cosmetic glitter from Slayfire Cosmetics!

Time and time again, it’s a perfect addition over a wash of color, especially for dark, magical looks.

I’ve a few different colors from this company that I’ve collected in the makeup studio over the years!

Dark fantasy makeup look featuring biodegradable cosmetic glitter by slayfire  cosmetics to accent this blue and black goth  fashion look

What’s your favorite independent makeup brand? What are your favorites glitters, and are they biodegradable?

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Art is always such a pleasure to create.

New photoshoots are fun, exciting, and always worth the effort.

As the months go by and we continue to make the world a better place in our individual ways, I implore you to remember the importance of shipping independent!

When you shop small, whether buying used clothes from a model, props from a photographer, jewelry from an artist, and subscriptions and prints from artists, your money matters.

That purchase just helped an artist get groceries, medical care, new set supplies, or an extra boost to their savings.

As independent artists continue to inspire and create change, let’s remember to support artists, friends, and neighbors.

Separated but Integrated|Grunge Floral Portrait

Step into the Shadows and shop creations and prints, and join our OnlyFans for exclusive content!

It’s been a year of growth and change, and as focus in the photography studio shifts and begins to focus more on boudoir portraits, I’m now wondering how separate or integrated I want to keep my businesses.

As photographers and models, we often keep our businesses or at least our portfolios separate.

Lovers of mountain landscapes aren’t necessarily expecting for fine boudoir portraits in the same portfolio and social media feed.

Someone looking to buy fantasy accessories isn’t always looking for NSFW prints.

There is a way to marry many things together, and as business owners and lovers of our craft, it’s important to find our niches.

And perhaps, when we have a couple competing niches, we should get more specific by finding a way to aesthetically marry them together.

What are your thoughts?

How have you built your photography businesses and niches so that you’re able to grow and change? Marry your many niches together?