Fight | Boudoir Portrait Photography

Fantasy and moody boudoir portrait photography of a queen with a sword

Fight & Do What You Can

It’s always been incredibly frustrating and frightening to see rights continue to be used as talking points, dangled as carrots, and arbitrarily taken away and rarely given.

I am privileged, but as a trans creator with a uterus and a citizen of the U.S., I worry more and more.

Witcher Cosplay Test| Fantasy Portrait Photography

Have monsters that need slaying?

Sounds like you’re in need of a Witcher.


This cosplay test was a blast. I look forward to finding character items to build on as well as doing a makeup study for a proper cosplay.

This fantasy photoshoot was so much fun, it’s exceptional fun to have a new chestplate in the studio for my more masculine cosplays.

So, what’s your favorite monster, and do you care to toss a coin to your Witcher?

Handmade Masquerade Masks | OOAK Couture

Royal blue and gold handmade Venetian inspired masquerade mask featuring crackle medium distressing and 3D gold detailing
Turquoise and gold hand painted masquerade mask

Have the most beautiful & mysterious mask at the Ball

Stunning royal blue & gold, and turquoise & gold combinations.

These gorgeous Venetian-inspired, hand-painted masquerade masks feature distressed elements and beautiful 3D gold detailing.

Perfect for any costume, masquerade party, or home decor.

Hand-painted and meticulously detailed over several days, as each step requires ample time to dry.
OOAK creations made by an Italian American.


-All masks sold separately while supplies last.
-Each mask is a one-of-a-kind creation (OOAK)
-Colors may vary slightly depending on your screen.

-Size: Adult/female: one size fits most.
-White elastic cord for comfortable wearing.
-Masks measure about 6.75”x 8.75”x 3” deep (Allow for size variations of about 0.5”)

-Hand painted with acrylic paints.
-Sealed with semi-matte topcoat.
-3D gold detailing.
-Style 1 mask features the use of crackle medium.

⭐️Packaging & Shipping
-Masks are stored and shipped in cling wrap and tissue paper for protection.
-Masks are mailed in rigid boxes, marked to be handled with care.
-Get tracking for your order as soon as it ships!

-Store in a cool, dry place out of direct esunlight.

Level-Up Your Costume Wardrobe