Floral Headdress | Spring & Autumn Fantasy

This beautiful OOAK handmade floral headdress is perfect for both Autumn and Spring!
Featuring black foam horns wrapped with twine and jute, this headdress is accented with faux leaves, flowers and berries.

These headdresses are such a joy to make.


What are your favorite handmade additions to your wardrobe?

What crafts do you adore in the studio? Does it feed into your other art projects?

Independent, Slow Fashion | Dope Mystic & Charli Chaos Clothes

I can’t really express how much I love these two designers’ work. I’m fortunate to have a collection of work by Dope Mystic, and I’m just starting my collection from Charli Chaos Clothes.

I’m a huge thrifting fan, but I also love taking that money saved and using it to buy slow fashion pieces from my favorite independent designers.

It can be hard to find favorites that are ethical choices, serve the community, and also can survive working life in the studio.

And to be fairly honest, I can’t get out of these clothes,they’re so comfy and beautiful.

And these jewelry designs pair so well with my wardrobe.

Who are your favorite slow fashion designers?

Drop their shop names and links!